James 1:3”…knowing that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness…”

The word ‘steadfastness’ means: determination, resoluteness, commitment, dedication and persistence.  Let me add more unshakeable, unmovable and so on…


Jesus said ‘Everything is possible for one who believes…..’, (Mark 9:23), I mean everything, did you get that? Everything. This word is for someone out there.  Pause.  Take in the words of not some magician but this is from JESUS.  One particular testimony of a missionary just awed me, despite the death of his sister , he waits on God along with his wife for money for the travel expenses; they do not budge but wait on God faithfully.  Midnight a man (total stranger) comes to their home and says, ‘God told me to give this money and left.’  The money was sufficient for their travel expenses, how could someone trust God so wholeheartedly despite the death of his sister?  This is called steadfast faith in a Powerful God who can do the impossible for you! This missionary is none other than Bro Augustine Jabakumar who is doing amazing work in Bihar. This is called testing of faith, not many can handle such pressure, though, that’s why they have distorted knowledge of God.  Their idea of God is vague because they have no experience of trusting God in the storm.


After serving the Lord for more than 15 years, I’m still not exempt from trials and sufferings, I reserve the first portion of the day for the Lord because I get my energy ‘THERE’.  Is anybody listening?  Nobody can escape struggles, learn to trust God and lay your fears at His Feet, God would not fail you! Amen.  Sometimes the agony I go through is unbearable,  I feel I cannot take it anymore and no more; however, after I cross that ‘stage’, I am able to take something heavier than that the next time.  Hallelujah!  God is an ace Trainer!


What was supposed to bring you down, sometimes takes you up! Cheers!


Let me quote something I read this morning , ‘why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up….’


Just keep quiet….

Just keep quiet and play the game


Colossians 3:23” Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men, 24 knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.


I tell you when I read the remarks of Sourav Ganguly in an article in the sports column captioned “Just keep quiet and play the game”, I felt those are apt comments for vain chatterboxes!  Ace comment! Stop talking and keep moving!  Let me tell you, this jet-speed world seldom wants to hear your sob story, they have their own to think of!  Let this sink deep into your heart and now get back to work.


When I ask a particular woman if the job was done, she would now narrate her pathetic story of misfortune  from the time she missed her bus in the morning, her lost purse, the quarrels at home, her stomach ache, burnt dosas in the morning and what not, all this introduction is given to tell that she got the work accomplished DESPITE all these hurdles.  Ah! The flavor of victory is lost in the marathon narration of the tale, just say ‘YES THE JOB IS DONE, GOD KNOWS YOUR EFFORTS!’  In due course, the price that you paid for the work to be done will reach your boss or whoever you want to impress.  God would do that for you! Are you listening? The husband gets bugged when the wife keeps giving marathon details of every work that she does from morning to evening, Just keep quiet and play the game, you would definitely get your rewards from heaven.


From the time of  writing the draft for any upcoming sermon, to collecting various illustrations, to collecting necessary presentation pics, examples, prayers, fasting and what not cannot be explained on the pulpit, GOD KNOWS AND HE WOULD REWARD.

Hope I helped someone out there today!

Just keep quiet and play the game! Cheers!


MARY KOM punch


Too soon women swoon to the jeering and hissing of the devil, we got to learn to give a punch like Mary Kom!  A sportswoman who has made India proud with her glorious achievements, Mary Kom is a boxer—the only Indian woman boxer who managed to qualify for the 2012 Summer Olympics where she also won a Bronze Medal. Hey Ladies! We got to take inspiration from this great woman and never get weak and wobbly…are you there?

When satan was gunning to destroy Job and get him away from the Lord, the Lord said,

’Behold, all that he has is in your power; only do not lay a hand on his person.” (Job 1:12) Now, gleefully the devil starts attacking Job brutally by destroying his property, cattle, sheep and camels, destroyed his house, and finally all his 10 children are killed.  This is no ordinary loss!  This man Job who walked uprightly now stands broken and shattered!  But look what Job did: he fell to the ground and worshiped the Lord!  I call this a ‘Mary Kom punch’ on the face of the devil! Learn how to punch the devil on your knees!  I ‘m speaking to someone out there!  Don’t punch your neighbor or your in-laws, they are not your enemies; the real enemy behind the fight and misunderstandings is the devil.