You can’t humiliate me….


1 Thessalonians 2:2” but after we had already suffered and been humiliated in Philippi, as you know, we had the boldness in our God to speak to you the gospel of God amid much opposition.”

So, I was very hurt, very deeply hurt and humiliated, when one particular family bluntly, overlooked my numerous number of phone calls and text messages; after all I was trying to help a girl from their family. Now after several days, they came back to me for the same favor that I had earlier offered them so willingly. Do I have to put up a price now? Well, I accepted the girl but the hurt was raw and I kept rummaging over it and I remained aloof from the family. Around this time, I happened to hear an awesome sermon and one particular line came like a missile and struck all over me: “If you are already humble then you cannot be humiliated!” Boy, that was profound! Right word for my disturbed mind! A humbled heart would never be humiliated because it is crucified in Christ! Phew!

However, this maturity has to be developed as you discipline yourself through reading His word diligently, praying and setting aside time to fast. This spiritual exercise demands sacrifice and time. Are you listening? Who has time for ‘such exercises’ anyway, we have all the time for gym, beauty parlours, facebook, whatsup and tons of other social networks but the last dregs is offered to God, no wonder we are furious, violent, proud, immature, short-tempered and crazy. We cannot tolerate an offence, we bark back more fiercely and viciously.

Having said all this, I want to say something important and sum up this message, learn a lesson when you are humiliated, don’t hold a grudge but don’t be foolish either; I have understood much of the salutes is for a favor and not for me at all. Are you hearing me? In the above scripture, though Apostle Paul was humiliated in Philippi that did not deter his anointing, he kept going on in God’s work. Be it in office, college, at home, among friends or at church, wherever you may be mistreated or sidelined, don’t allow that to stagnate you – keep pushing forward more aggressively.


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