Miraculous Healing

My Testimony


Lord, let my baby not die!


My jaws dropped as I stared and stared and stared…there are no words to describe the emotions that overwhelmed me! There are times that one is rendered speechless and this was one such moment! I saw my son Joshua cradled in the hands of the doctor as she lifted him up to show me. It was incredible! He was pink, cute and lovely! The doctor said, “look, look, he is a boy baby!” Who would have thought that I would see this child alive! Besides the exhilarating joy of looking at my child born healthy and perfect, I was amazed that I had a normal delivery. I had been rolled into the labor ward with multiple complications but God rolled away all my pain, fear and fibroids that were threatening to kill me and my child, like the way He rolled away the large stone from the door of the tomb of Jesus. God performed a miracle in my life!

In the year 1999, while I was five months pregnant with my second child, I was diagnosed with multiple fibroids which were found on the inner and outer walls of the uterus. The fibroids were rapidly growing along with the baby and the doctors gave a final verdict to terminate the pregnancy and abort the baby because the fibroids were choking my baby. I was advised to abort the child and remove the uterus because it was infected with fibroids which meant that I had to be bedridden for the next six months, because it was a major operation. I was devastated! For a person working as an executive in a multinational bank, the above situation means ‘burial’ as far as my career was concerned, as an Executive Secretary, I was handling very important portfolios in the department where I worked. Six months leave and away from work was unthinkable, trying to work my way out of this situation was like trying to climb out of the grave. My world came crashing down!


After two days of diagnosis, what the doctors feared happened, some of the fibroids ruptured and I was bleeding profusely, I was rushed to the hospital and admitted; I went through unbearable and excruciating pain. I was kept under observation close to the delivery ward so that I could be rushed, if there may be an emergency. The doctors had given me injections to stop the bleeding; but now something else happened, the fibroids which were passive until that time, now started hurting me. I cannot explain the pain in words. Even a small movement of the body would cause me extreme pain. I refused to see guests because even the movement of people inside my room caused me physical pain. I just had to lay still, on my back, facing the ceiling of the wall.


It is now in this dark period that hope in Jesus came like a lightning flash in my darkness. Dazzle in the dark! Some Christian pastors came into my hospital room to pray for me, though a Christian, I had never until that point of time felt that prayer and faith in Jesus can change my situation. Around this time, a close family friend, aunty Nirmala Sudhaman, an elderly lady, came to see me and encouraged me not to abort my child but trust in Jesus. She visited my hospital room every day and boosted my faith and also gave me spiritual material to read. We decided to go through this valley of death and this tough ordeal, trusting Him to bring me out triumphantly. Praise God! The moment you decide to do the impossible, oppositions do come and did come for me as well. ‘Don’t be crazy, use wisdom, think of your life, remember you are educated….” were the worldly advices: however, I dared to believe Him. Suddenly an urge to read the Bible came into my heart and I asked my husband to bring my Bible to the hospital room, thus started my journey with the Lord Jesus Christ.


There is always a culmination and a peak to every problem! February, 2000, my condition became very serious, the doctor clearly warned us that I had to be admitted in the hospital immediately because they expected the fibroids to rupture at any time which would endanger my life. I vividly remember that day even now, as my husband, my mom and I stood outside the hospital discussing the problem. I told them that I still believe that I am healed and would never get admitted for treatment. Friend, never take me as being stubborn or stupidly headstrong in my decision, the close relationship that I had developed with Jesus during the time of my sufferings had built my faith which cannot be expressed in words. I love Him and I trusted Him whole-heartedly! Unable to convince me, they took me back home. I am speaking to someone out there right now, who is going through pain and prolonged illness, don’t give up please….God would do great things in your life too!


On March 1, 2000, I developed labor pain and I knew it instantly because of my first delivery experience. I was rushed to the hospital at 10 pm and when the doctors and nurses knew that I was coming, extra precautions were being taken because they all knew of my case history. Two bottles of blood was arranged to meet any situation of emergency. According to the doctors, I was a ‘complicated case’, however, I went inside the labor room with the name of Jesus on my lips. I kept looking at the wall clock that hung just in front of me and that is the reason, I am able to give my testimony today precisely with exact timings. I kept telling the Lord, “Jesus, thank you for being with me.” The entire drama came to a grand finale around midnight on the same day, March 1, when I had a normal delivery, without any knife or forceps touch the baby or me, my son Joshua was born! Glory to Jesus!